Mercury in Retrograde: Time for Healing!

Some of you many know that Mercury is currently in retrograde and has been since February 6th and will continue until the 28th. For many I know, this seems to have seriously brought about upheaval. Things that need to be cured are coming up. I, personally, have been bombarded with areas that need resolution, healing, or special attention. Here is a quote from Kristin Fontana, astrologist:

It all comes down to what you do with the time and energy spent during a Mercury retrograde that counts. Sure, it can inevitably lead you down roads where you experience frustrating setbacks, but there is more to gain from this, there is always more. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces on Thursday, Feb. 6, although it will manifest in different ways for different Souls depending on where it lands in your chart. One thing is for certain, it will offer you a second chance to get something right, it will, in many cases offer you a second chance to gain some desirable closure as Pisces represents an energy where everything comes full circle. Thankfully, Mercury will find the North Node in Scorpio with ease, allowing you to feel as if you have found some missing puzzle pieces to yourself. I cannot think of a greater gift than to recover a lost and forgotten piece of your Soul, can you?

It seems to me that this is a GREAT time to go through your emotions instead of trying to escape them. Dedicate time to meditating and finding stillness; simply let go and allow the universe to help you with it. For a lot of us the biggest challenge is to just let-go and let-be. And it is almost always the best course of action. You do not need to control every little thing. Allow life to wash over you. Be the steady rock in the moving stream, as it were. 😉

Part four of the “Living Beyond Miracles” saga is coming tomorrow or Tuesday!

Love and Light always,



One thought on “Mercury in Retrograde: Time for Healing!

  1. I love and agree with all of this! I’ve definitely been feeling like we all need to set more time aside to meditate, or simply get away from all the chaos and out into nature (finding stillness.) I wrote an entry pertaining to the issue of control and how for some reason people have this idea that we can control everything; when in reality we cant control anything. Thanks for posting this!! Also – if you have a second, check out my entry about control 🙂 I would love to hear your thoughts on it. With love and light – Tasha

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