What The Dalai Lama says about Nationalism

Today I am going to discuss nationalism with you. This is a theme that weighs very heavily on my heart. Everywhere I go I see flags flying high, allegiances being pledged, dividing spirits leaping from the lips of every proud … Continue reading




I recently took a trip with my boyfriend to Phuket and Phi Phi Island in Thailand. I had read a lot about it on blogs and forums before I left, but it was much greater a place than I could have imagined. Simplicity. Striking. Gorgeous. Nature. Peace. Tranquility. These are all words that describe this place perfectly. We stayed in Kata beach where the water is turquoise and crystal clear, we swam all day, rode on elephants, went snorkelling, explored the island on a little motorbike, we communed with nature!! Could you imagine that I felt the most alive I have in a long time just living with the basics in community with nature? 😉

Today we are too wrapped up in technology, fashion, and “keeping up with the Smiths,” as it were. We have isolated ourselves in concrete jungles and live a sort of half-life. The energy that lives in nature is the energy that we need. Before you die, take a trip where you also live with just the basics. No or limited internet, a shack or bungalow with a shower above the toilet, bring a small amount of clothing, and enjoy nature.

The Thai people of Phuket are so happy with so little. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that 95% of them are buddhists, but I certainly noticed that it changes the way they treat each other as well as foreigners. On their Songkran Festival they celebrate water, the mother of life. They openly welcome foreigners, playing and splashing each other with water like brothers. They pile their families and friends into the back of pickup trucks and don water guns and big buckets of water. They dance in the streets, soaking wet, with huge smiles on their faces. I was shown love by a huge amount of people that day and it really nurtured my heart and soul.

Let us strive to live more simple lives, to shift the focus back to living in community with our planet instead of separating ourselves from her. I promise there is much more happiness to be found in this sort of life.


“An Eye for An Eye Leaves Everyone Blind”

“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.”


     Over the past few days, this quote has really been hitting me hard. Throughout my life I have found it hard to deal with how trivial people can be, with how horrendous and wrong war is on so many levels, how society manipulates the masses, how governments proclaim their citizens are free but control them in indirect manners and distract them so they don’t notice, how people can be so cruel to each other and animals, how we are destroying the planet, the list goes on. I spent most of my childhood in the USA and the so-called “American Dream” left many feeling empty.

What I am really trying to get at is that all of this emptiness, hate, and fear broke my heart. It really broke my heart. And it made me angry. And I harboured these emotions in my chest always. But I didn’t know exactly why I felt this way. I am so fortunate that my family is not this way. I am so fortunate to have been born into a family that sees beyond façades into the unending universe that is just pure love and that just is. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 4.39.33 pm

In the past month I have gone through some experiences that have shown me that anger only generates more anger. Yes, of course we all know this but I believe many of us do not REALLY understand it. A lot of times we believe we can argue our way into winning.

I am hoping that some of you know about the illuminati. If you don’t, please watch Zeitgeist, or Thrive, or Four Horsemen. Any of these movies will give you plenty of information. The illuminati want to have the general public under control. They want to dumb us down by providing us with foods filled with chemicals, calcify our pineal glands so that we are spiritually blind, give us the illusion of freedom so that there is no will to revolt. I personally know many who are broken-hearted about this. And it makes them angry. 

What we have to understand is that these men do not know love. The powers that be seek power because they think this will fill the hole inside them. Feel sorry for them. Feel sorry for the powers-that-be, for the warlords, for your enemies. Love them, because they do not even know what love is.

What happens if, when someone is screaming at you, you tell them you love them? What happens if you proclaim to love them so very much, that they couldn’t even imagine it? They stand there without words and the anger goes away. How can we combat hate? How can we combat fear? How can we change the world? With LOVE.

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What the world needs now more than anything is for it to be able to break your heart, and for you to continue loving it just the same. THAT is what makes a true hero!



I have a dream that governments will not exist, that the global elite will be extinct. I have a dream that we won’t identify ourselves as “Americans” or “Chinese” or “Venezuelans” or any other nonsense but will identify ourselves all as “earthlings” or simply “beings” or “world citizens.” I have a dream we will never have to pass through immigration in airports. I have a dream we will “never divide the world into us against them.” I have a dream that people will love each other and there will be no more wars. I have a dream that we will respect life and revere our planet. I have a dream we will only use green energy and everyone will be happy and healthy. I have a dream that murder and animal cruelty will be a distant memory. I have a dream that money will not exist, that everyone will pursue their passions and care for each other, and take responsibility, and that everything we need will be available because of this.