What The Dalai Lama says about Nationalism

Today I am going to discuss nationalism with you. This is a theme that weighs very heavily on my heart. Everywhere I go I see flags flying high, allegiances being pledged, dividing spirits leaping from the lips of every proud … Continue reading

Meditation-Aiding Sounds

Have you ever heard of binaural beats or isochronic tones? Both can be used to aid in mediation, balance chakras, give you more energy, calm you down, help you to sleep, the list goes on. You can search on youtube, there are loads of videos with these tones. Another great sound to aid meditation is the sound of the tibetan singing bowls, and different frequencies. Different frequencies help to feed different chakras. See the list below:


  • Root Chakra – 396Hz – Liberating guilt and fear
  • Sacral Chakra – 417Hz – Undoing situations and facilities of change
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – 528Hz – Transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
  • Heart Chakra – 639Hz – Connecting/Relationships
  • Throat Chakra – 741Hz – Awakening Intuition
  • 3rd Eye Chakra – 852Hz – Returning to spiritual order
  • Crown Chakra – 963Hz – Higher Solfeggio Frequency

You can search for any given frequency on youtube.


I’ve also heard of people getting rid of cluster headaches by listening to isochronic tones! They stimulate certain areas of the brain and help to relax and bring the listener into a higher vibrational state.

There are also some binaural beats that claim to bring you into a similar state as if you were on psychedelics. I haven’t done enough research on the topic to explicitly state whether this is 100% truth or not. But you will have to be in a deep state of meditation for it to take this sort of effect if it will.

I have included a video of a nice 528Hz frequency (for healing and DNA repair). This one is very calming and should be nice to use for meditation! Enjoy!




(chakra frequencies) http://www.howtobalancechakras.com/solfeggiotones.shtml

(chakra chart) http://sacredlighthealing.wordpress.com/the-chakra/

We Are Waking Up


“This is a perfect moment. It’s a perfect moment for many reasons, but especially because you and I are waking up from our sleepwalking, thumb-sucking, dumb-clucking collusion with the masters of illusion and destruction.

Thanks to them,

from whom the painful blessings flow,

we are waking up.

Their wars and tortures,

their crimes against nature,

extinctions of species

and brand new diseases.

Their spying and lying

in the name of the father,

sterilising seeds and

trademarking water.

Molestations of God,

celebrations of shame,

stealing our dreams and

changing our names.

Their cunning commercials

and blood-sucking hustles,

their endless rehearsals

for the end of the world.

Thanks to them,

from whom the awful teachings flow,

we are waking up.

…As heaven and earth come together, as the dream-time and daytime merge, we register the shockingly exhilarating fact that we are in charge of creating a New Earth. Not in some distant time or faraway place, but right here and right now.”

-Rob Brezsny

We are currently in a wonderful time. WE ARE WAKING UP as a species! Can you think of a better time in which to be living? Humanity as a whole is going through a paradigm shift. More and more people are beginning to wake up to their power, their spirituality, their own divinity. I would be willing to bet we will be entering into a time where governments begin to dissolve and things begin to change rapidly. Many spiritually “awake” leaders are saying this, and well, look at the different movements such as “Zeitgeist” and “Thrive” and the likes! We see that our governments can’t be trusted to take care of us, that they only exist to exert power and their own agenda over us, that we are paying for wars, enabling hate, contributing to further separation.

So, how can we apply this paradigm change to our daily lives? With LOVE. The greatest tool to promote change is love. When someone feels love, they feel safe enough to grow, to flower, to change. Instead of letting our egos get in the way when someone tries to hurt us, we can let it go and love them anyways, realising that it is nothing personal. It is only a means to an end, and that end is a desperate attempt at trying to feel better within themselves. What does being spiritually enlightened look like? Quiet confidence (insecurities are loud), acceptance (especially when it is most difficult to accept), radiance of light (let your love radiate from your very skin), having an open heart, and having a tranquil mind (release the need to label, to judge. Just let go and let live, not everyone is exactly like you).

The excerpt above is from Rob Brezsny’s Pronoia. Really great book! Check it out!

Happy Tuesday 😉



Do you know who I am?


I say “Namaste” because I like what it means, not because I am Hindu.

A lot of people here think that I am Christian because they think I talk about Christian values, but the truth is that I am really talking about human values.

I’ve been asked if I am Buddhist, just because I have discovered inner peace. A lot of my friends are Pagans, and they think I am one too because I say that being in Nature is my idea of going to church.

Do you want to know what I really am? It’s very simple. I don’t need a label to define me. I am a piece of the universe, sentient and manifested, and I am AWAKE.



I have a dream that governments will not exist, that the global elite will be extinct. I have a dream that we won’t identify ourselves as “Americans” or “Chinese” or “Venezuelans” or any other nonsense but will identify ourselves all as “earthlings” or simply “beings” or “world citizens.” I have a dream we will never have to pass through immigration in airports. I have a dream we will “never divide the world into us against them.” I have a dream that people will love each other and there will be no more wars. I have a dream that we will respect life and revere our planet. I have a dream we will only use green energy and everyone will be happy and healthy. I have a dream that murder and animal cruelty will be a distant memory. I have a dream that money will not exist, that everyone will pursue their passions and care for each other, and take responsibility, and that everything we need will be available because of this.



Living Beyond Miracles Pt. 4

Today I conclude the “Living Beyond Miracles” saga with the fourth part, and my personal favourite.

This section is a continued dialogue between Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer charged with spiritual banter. I love it! Since it is a bit all-over-the-place (as most conversations are), I will give you my notes, and at the end write a bit about one of my favourite parts. Here goes:


  • What you first have to do is fall in love with what you do, the rest will follow.
  • When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out. What happens when someone squeezes you? What comes out of you when you are put under pressure? That said…
  • It’s ok to feel angry, but realise it’s part of the spectrum. Anger, happiness, gratefulness are all part of existence. There is no good and bad, evil and good, there is only pleasant and unpleasant. And both exist, both are part of the experience of life.
  • To be grounded in the physical body and sensuality is to be grounded in the presence of god. The physical body is a product of consciousness.
  • It is a thinking universe, we have thinking bodies, this is what god is. God is everywhere.
  • Thinking is a non-local phenomenon. Every thought is omni-potent, omniscient. The instant you have a thought, such as “I am thirsty,” your body, all your organs begin to produce ADH, a hormone which conserves water.
  • If you intend it, and you have a deep level of awareness, your body can actually produce all of these anti-anxiety, anti-depressant drugs in a sense. Your body is already equipped with everything it needs to fight off any illness. Just feeling JOY produces interleukins and interferons which are powerful anti-cancer drugs.
  • Treat every situation you encounter as a mirror. Treat the universe as a mirror. Every situation in the universe is a reflection of you interacting with yourself (we are all one). If this is not a pleasant experience, then what can I change about what I am doing? The universe is a reflection of yourself, your beliefs, and your perceptions.
  • Desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation. Without desire there is no manifestation.
  • In our modern society we tend to believe that the harder we work, the better it will be. This principle does not exist in nature. Nature simply is. Nature manifests. We are not human doings, we are human BEINGS.
  • Be conscious of your thoughts, you will manifest what you think.

The following is a true story told by Deepak Chopra about the spiritual teacher of the maharishi.

This man spent 40 years in silence in a forest in India. Someone was sent into this forest to retrieve him for an honour that would be bestowed upon him and they saw him as tigers passed by him, poisonous snakes would rest themselves upon him, all manner of dangerous animals. The person sent to him told the spiritual teacher: “but you have all kinds of dangerous and poisonous animals around you!” to which the teacher replied, “dangerous? All I can see is god.”

So, the moral here is that when you firmly root yourself in non-violence, the whole of creation ceases to be hostile. If we as a species can get to that place of co-existence, of the ONE, of you and me being manifestations of the same one, of never dividing ourselves into us against them, just imagine what is possible!!!

Enjoy the audio!



Living Beyond Miracles Part 3

Here is the third part of the “Living Beyond Miracles” audio. In this part, Deepak Chopra continues his speech on the true nature of human existence and life itself. I have included my notes on the first half of the audio. The second half of the audio is a fun conversation between Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra which is also very enlightening and uplifting!
Here are the notes:
  • “The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers. It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death, in ebb and in flow. I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life. And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.” -Rabindranath Tagore
  • As is the atom so is the universe. The atom is a small reflection, a part of the whole! Just as we are of the energy that some call “god.” Each atom is itself a small universe, each human is a manifestation of god.
  • It is all self-interaction. God hiding herself to find herself. Problems with others may reflect things within ourselves that we dislike.
  • Both anxiety and hope are born in the imagination. Why would you need hope if you did not have anxiety? If am grounded in the present I do not need either.
  • Dr Wilder Penfield, a well known neurosurgeon, performed an experiment on a patient in which he stimulated a part of the patient’s brain. The patient’s arm moved up. The doctor then asked him, what is happening? The patient said, “my arm is moving up.” The doctor proceeded to ask, “are YOU moving your arm up?” to which the patient replied, “no.” So we can see the parts of the brain that control the movement of any given limb but who decided this? We can see the control centre but not the operator!
Enjoy the audio!