How to Decalcify The Pineal Gland

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This is a repost (link at the bottom) of an article I found very interesting. The pineal gland is also known as the spiritual Third Eye and controls many functions of our body among them producing our own natural DMT which allows us to dream and have intense spiritual experiences. Hey! I’ve been consuming a LOT of lemon, ginger, and cilantro (coriander) lately, now I know why. 😉 Enjoy!


The primary goal of decalcifying your pineal gland is so that you can begin the process of pineal gland activation and begin the awakening of your third eye.

There are two parts to pineal gland decalcification. The first is to stop any further calcification of your pineal gland which is caused by any lifestyle habits or environmental factors, e.g. flouride, etc. The second step is to work on reducing and removing the existing calcification and help to further develop your pineal gland.

Below we will go through the methods you can take to achieve these two steps.

STEP 1 – Stop further calcification of your Pineal Gland

The key to stopping further calcification of your pineal gland is to firstly identify what causes calcification, and then secondly stopping these sources. Generally speaking, it is a person’s diet (food/drink) and lifestyle that causes calcification.

Below is a list of the primary causes of calcification:


Halides are chemical substances such as Flouride, Chlorine and Bromide. They all seem to have similar effects on the pineal gland, so it’s important to remove these from your diet.

Flouride is the most common and widespread in our diets. It is magnetically attracted to the pineal gland more so than any other part of the body. Here it forms calcium phosphate crystals which accumulate. Fluorideis present in toothpastes and tap water. It’s a heavy duty poison and should be avoided at all costs as it calcifies the pineal tissue and basically shuts the gland down. Switch to a fluoride-free toothpaste and drink spring water or filtered water (see ‘Tap Water’ section below for more information).


Calcium supplements – This is one of the biggest causes of calcification, they don’t really work so if you’re taking them it’s recommended that you stop immediately.

Calcium in food – Pretty much all processed food contains some form of calcium. These forms include calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and dicalcium phosphate. Many supplements contain these as content fillers also.

Tap Water:

Tap water contains many calcifying substances (including fluoride as mentioned above). The safest and most healthiest choice is spring water as distilled water can be harmful in the long run. Nevertheless, distilled water is still much better than tap water.

For a site that can show you where your nearest natural spring is, please go here:
Remember, spring water is free and should be respected.

You can also use water filters, for more information on this please go to:


Mercury is very bad for the pineal gland due to its poisonous nature. It should be avoided at all costs. Mercury tooth fillings are pineal toxins and should be removed. Also all medical vaccines are tainted with mercury, e.g. Thimersal (a vaccine preservative made of methyl mercury) is very difficult to get out of the brain once it’s in there. Avoid eating fish and bottom feeders such as shrimps and prawns. Tuna and dolphin meat is particularly bad as it contains higher doses of mercury. Generally speaking, the bigger the fish, the higher the concentration of mercury in its body tissue. Eco light bulbs should also be used with care, as if one is smashed mercury vapour is released into the room and inhaled. The good news is that mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina, it just takes time. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue too.


Some pesticides are pineal toxins so foods grown using these pesticides should be avoided. Therefore, fresh organic food that hasn’t used chemical pesticides is recommended instead. Organic healthy food with a high ratio of raw foods (Raw Diet) is supportive to pineal detoxification.

Due to the food chain passing these chemical pesticides on, certain meats can accumulate these chemicals. Some people recommend meat free diets also to protect your pineal gland from potential harmful substances.

Other toxins:

If something is toxic and not naturally produced by nature, do not put it in your body. If you can’t say the chemical’s name, it’s most likely bad for you. Other toxins include artificial sweeteners (aspartame K) , refined sugar, phylenanine (in fruit squashes), E numbers, deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes (saltwater is suffice) and air fresheners.

Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco (S.C.A.T.):

As a general point, a diet free of Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco (S.C.A.T.) will not only flush the system, but it will also bring about the “kundalini” rising and ensure you have a great balanced mind/body. The diet must be maintained for at least 2 months. The longer you maintain the diet along with exercise, you’ll find that your energy level will increase and excess pounds will fall away leaving your brain clear from toxins. This gives you the capacity to focus on pineal gland activation.

STEP 2 – Remove existing calcification within your Pineal Gland

Removing the build up of years of toxic build up in your pineal gland can be achieved with some dedication and commitment.

There are a number of ways to decalcify your pineal gland, below is a list of them along with what you would need to do:

Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil:

One of the most powerful natural substances you can take to decalcify your pineal gland. It contains a very powerful substance called “Activator X” discovered by Weston Price. See below for more information about “Activator X”.


Very powerful for general detoxification. It is also good for your hair, skin, nails and building bones. Start with a comfortable dose and work your way up to around 7,000-10,000mg per day. Generally, MSM starts to work effectively at higher doses, however it is still beneficial to take it at lower doses.

Raw Chocolate:

Raw cacao is a great pineal gland detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content. It is also good as a pineal gland stimulant too, which can help to activate your third eye. See How to activate your pineal gland section for more information on pineal gland activators.

Citric Acid:

Raw lemon, juiced and consumed is very good at detoxifying your pineal gland. Citric acid also works, but raw lemon juice is recommended. It’s recommended that you take 3 tablespoons of citric acid or 7 organic lemons every day on an empty stomach for three weeks. You can also do this by mixing it with spring water as citric acid isn’t so good for your teeth.


Garlic is amazing for decalcification because it is able to dissolve calcium and acts as an antibiotic. Added benefits are it gives your immune system a kick start. Consume around half a bulb to two bulbs daily (or more if you like). To ensure your breath doesn’t scare anyone off, you can crush the garlic and soak in raw apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice to deodorise it. Make sure you put the used lemon juice or vinegar on a salad or re-use it for other foods later. Don’t let anything go to waste.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar:

Very good for detoxification of your pineal gland, as it contains malic acid. It’s great to put on your food and tastes great. A recommended brand is Braggs apple cider vinegar, and make sure it’s raw. Generally speaking, vinegars should be sold in glass bottles, so if it’s not in one, don’t buy it as you’ll be consuming plastic too!

Oregano oil and Neem extract:

Acts as a natural antibiotic against the calcium shells that nanobacteria create around themselves in the pineal gland.

Activator X (Vitamin K1/K2):

Discovered by Weston Price, it is a super potent detoxifier, especially when mixed with Vitamin A and D3, and has many properties. It can reverse the process of arteriosclerosis, allowing the enzymatic balance to be restored. This then allows for the calcium to be removed from the arteries and other locations (i.e. pineal gland) and placed where it belongs, in the bone. It is also a potent catalyst for vitamin and mineral absorption.

The vitamin occurs naturally in two forms:
K1 (phylloquinone) is found in green leafy vegetables
K2 (comprised of menaquinones) is created by intestinal microflora and also obtained from food sources such as organ meats, liver (goose/chicken are best), egg yolks, fermented dairy products like cheese or butter (from cows eating rapidly growing green grass), Japanese fermented soybean dish Natto (the richest K2 food source), sauerkraut, marine oils, fish eggs and shellfish.


Boron is another detoxifier and pineal gland cleanser. It also works well as a fluoride remover. It is present in beets and best consumed by eating organic beets or trying beet powder mixed with spring water or other liquids/foods. You could try adding 1/4 tsp of sodium borate (Borax) to your green teas. An inexpensive source of boron can be purchased in most supermarkets as common borax. Borax should be taken in very small quantities in pure water, with as little as 1/32 to 1/4 of a teaspoon of borax to one liter of water. This mixture should be consumed in small quantities throughout the day has been found to be safe and effective. About 1/8 of a teaspoon with a pinch of sea salt has been found to be effective too. Another alternative to common borax is food grade sodium borate.


It has not been proven conclusively, but many believe that melatonin helps remove fluoride by increasing decalcification of the pineal gland which helps breakup the existing calcification. In addition to melatonin supplementation, plenty of daytime physical activity and/or exercise, a healthy diet, not overeating and meditation/relaxation exercises all contribute to higher melatonin production from the pineal gland.


Iodine has been clinically proven to increase the removal of sodium fluoride from the body via the urine as calcium fluoride. Most diets are deficient in this vital mineral and it is recommended that people take seaweed foods and iodine supplements that combine iodine and potassium iodide. However, eliminating fluoride with iodine also depletes your supply of calcium. It is therefore recommended that you also take an effective calcium/magnesium supplement. To compliment the intake of iodine, it is recommended that lecithin is consumed too.


The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tamarind tree can be used to make teas, extracts and tinctures that will help eliminate fluorides through the urine. Tamarind is widely used in Ayurvedic Medicine and has many positive health properties.

Distilled Water:

There is research to say that distilled water can help to decalcifying the pineal gland. For more information, please check out the following site: 24 Doctors with the courage to tell the truth about Distilled Water

The site also takes about drinking urine. I know it sounds crazy, but our urine today is polluted due to our poor diets hence why it smells, etc. The thinking behind it is that clean urine during a raw diet is healthy and acts as a powerful cleansing agent. The link above contains a section about this, just search for ‘dear water based creatures’ within the webpage.

A couple of months doing a number or all of the above will leave your pineal gland decalcified and detoxified in no time!


Also Referenced here:




I have a dream that governments will not exist, that the global elite will be extinct. I have a dream that we won’t identify ourselves as “Americans” or “Chinese” or “Venezuelans” or any other nonsense but will identify ourselves all as “earthlings” or simply “beings” or “world citizens.” I have a dream we will never have to pass through immigration in airports. I have a dream we will “never divide the world into us against them.” I have a dream that people will love each other and there will be no more wars. I have a dream that we will respect life and revere our planet. I have a dream we will only use green energy and everyone will be happy and healthy. I have a dream that murder and animal cruelty will be a distant memory. I have a dream that money will not exist, that everyone will pursue their passions and care for each other, and take responsibility, and that everything we need will be available because of this.



Living Beyond Miracles Pt. 4

Today I conclude the “Living Beyond Miracles” saga with the fourth part, and my personal favourite.

This section is a continued dialogue between Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer charged with spiritual banter. I love it! Since it is a bit all-over-the-place (as most conversations are), I will give you my notes, and at the end write a bit about one of my favourite parts. Here goes:


  • What you first have to do is fall in love with what you do, the rest will follow.
  • When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out. What happens when someone squeezes you? What comes out of you when you are put under pressure? That said…
  • It’s ok to feel angry, but realise it’s part of the spectrum. Anger, happiness, gratefulness are all part of existence. There is no good and bad, evil and good, there is only pleasant and unpleasant. And both exist, both are part of the experience of life.
  • To be grounded in the physical body and sensuality is to be grounded in the presence of god. The physical body is a product of consciousness.
  • It is a thinking universe, we have thinking bodies, this is what god is. God is everywhere.
  • Thinking is a non-local phenomenon. Every thought is omni-potent, omniscient. The instant you have a thought, such as “I am thirsty,” your body, all your organs begin to produce ADH, a hormone which conserves water.
  • If you intend it, and you have a deep level of awareness, your body can actually produce all of these anti-anxiety, anti-depressant drugs in a sense. Your body is already equipped with everything it needs to fight off any illness. Just feeling JOY produces interleukins and interferons which are powerful anti-cancer drugs.
  • Treat every situation you encounter as a mirror. Treat the universe as a mirror. Every situation in the universe is a reflection of you interacting with yourself (we are all one). If this is not a pleasant experience, then what can I change about what I am doing? The universe is a reflection of yourself, your beliefs, and your perceptions.
  • Desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation. Without desire there is no manifestation.
  • In our modern society we tend to believe that the harder we work, the better it will be. This principle does not exist in nature. Nature simply is. Nature manifests. We are not human doings, we are human BEINGS.
  • Be conscious of your thoughts, you will manifest what you think.

The following is a true story told by Deepak Chopra about the spiritual teacher of the maharishi.

This man spent 40 years in silence in a forest in India. Someone was sent into this forest to retrieve him for an honour that would be bestowed upon him and they saw him as tigers passed by him, poisonous snakes would rest themselves upon him, all manner of dangerous animals. The person sent to him told the spiritual teacher: “but you have all kinds of dangerous and poisonous animals around you!” to which the teacher replied, “dangerous? All I can see is god.”

So, the moral here is that when you firmly root yourself in non-violence, the whole of creation ceases to be hostile. If we as a species can get to that place of co-existence, of the ONE, of you and me being manifestations of the same one, of never dividing ourselves into us against them, just imagine what is possible!!!

Enjoy the audio!



Living Beyond Miracles Part 3

Here is the third part of the “Living Beyond Miracles” audio. In this part, Deepak Chopra continues his speech on the true nature of human existence and life itself. I have included my notes on the first half of the audio. The second half of the audio is a fun conversation between Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra which is also very enlightening and uplifting!
Here are the notes:
  • “The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers. It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death, in ebb and in flow. I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life. And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.” -Rabindranath Tagore
  • As is the atom so is the universe. The atom is a small reflection, a part of the whole! Just as we are of the energy that some call “god.” Each atom is itself a small universe, each human is a manifestation of god.
  • It is all self-interaction. God hiding herself to find herself. Problems with others may reflect things within ourselves that we dislike.
  • Both anxiety and hope are born in the imagination. Why would you need hope if you did not have anxiety? If am grounded in the present I do not need either.
  • Dr Wilder Penfield, a well known neurosurgeon, performed an experiment on a patient in which he stimulated a part of the patient’s brain. The patient’s arm moved up. The doctor then asked him, what is happening? The patient said, “my arm is moving up.” The doctor proceeded to ask, “are YOU moving your arm up?” to which the patient replied, “no.” So we can see the parts of the brain that control the movement of any given limb but who decided this? We can see the control centre but not the operator!
Enjoy the audio!

Living Beyond Miracles

This is the first part to an audio of a talk given by Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. It is titled: “Living Beyond Miracles.”

If any of you out there are having a rough day and need something to calm you, to change your perspective, to help give you space to breathe, I highly recommend this audio! I will be uploading part two tomorrow. For now, I will leave you with the following teaser:

Wayne Dyer speaks of a poem by William Blake (such an amazing man! You should definitely acquaint yourself with his work!) called Auguries of Innocence. The part he quotes is a small fragment, but unimaginably powerful!

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour…

We are led to Believe a Lie

When we see not Thro the Eye

Which was Born in a Night to perish in a Night

When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light

This is such a powerful piece of prose! There is a whole world in a grain of sand, we are all connected! The power that flows through everything is within the smallest and most delicate form of life and it is within YOU! This human experience is such a short breath in the great mystery that is eternity. Use it to grow. Your problems aren’t as detrimental as you think they are.

“You do not nee…

“You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”
-Franz Kafka

I first heard this quote when listening to a lecture by Deepak Chopra (if you don’t know his work I encourage you to get acquainted with it as soon as possible). It spoke to me so deeply. Firstly, we as humans get so busy in our daily lives, in the pressures of bills, work, and endless responsibility that we never are truly silent. It takes us so much dedication just to clean our minds and allow them to rest in stillness. We have separated ourselves from the earth, from the great energy network that is the universe because we are too tangled up in our own dramas. I challenge you to sit in stillness today. Dedicate at least 15 minutes to meditation. Try that for a week, and see if it doesn’t help solve some of your problems. Commune with nature (which is where you came from) and give it your appreciation. Be still. Observe.